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tv   Russias Doping Mastermind  BBC News  February 24, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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easy. and if you ever returned, the same would happen? they may find some other way around, put me to psychiatry clinic, it will be torture, it will be a way to make me absolutely... it is no way to go back to russia, it is a dangerous threat to my life. there is strong evidence that i am injeopardy and i do not want to underestimate the danger. does that mean inevitably you are constantly looking over your shoulder? co nsta ntly scared 7 you could be scared for a few days, but you cannot look behind. no, i'm not a fatalist, but i'm in very good hands. rodchenkov is accompanied by his american lawyer, who's clear about the threat has client faces. russia has a very well— known history of retaliating against people that
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are enemies of the state. and one would be naive to think that doctor rodchenkov is anything but at the top of that list. so when us law enforcement tells you there is a risk and you have to take it seriously and we have to completely change communications protocols, that to me is a clear indication that they believe that there is a very serious risk, and so it is being taken seriously, thankfully. will this be for the foreseeable future? will he have to live the rest of his life like this or will there be a time when he is assimilated and you feel the threat has passed and he can lead a more normal life? i hope that is true, but i doubt it. the russians are never going to forget unless there is a regime change — he is always going to be a marked man. and so we have to plan for what his future will look like, and we are in the middle of trying to do that right now. late 2016 and law professor
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richard mclaren reveals the full damning findings of his investigation into a state—sponsored doping programme of breathtaking proportions. the conspiracy was perpetrated from at least 2011 to 2015. over 1,000 russian athletes competing in summer, winter and paralympic sport can be identified as being involved in or benefiting from manipulation to conceal positive doping tests. in a conspiracy that rodchenkov claims went right to the top of the state, he helped dozens of athletes take a cocktail of performance enhancing drugs and evade detection working in a secret part of his sochi lab. supposedly secure bottles were tampered with and positive samples passed through holes in the wall drilled by spies before being swapped. most painful was you have to be awake at 4am when you change table
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by table and then my colleague waiting, this is the bottle, remember, i'm closing. 0k, go. and this is even coming to a hotel, you cannot sleep. it is a complicated life. in sochi of course the main focus was on those sports where cheating was developed since years. cross—country skiing, biathlon, the two most important, and of course bobsled. his role in russia's remarkable doping programme became the subject of an 0scar—nominated film. were you the mastermind that cheated the olympics? yes. he said the conspiracy went right to the top and that london 2012 was also targeted.
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what does he say to british athletes whose games were tainted? i am very sorry that your career, your biography was broken because of this systematic and widespread cheating which was practised in the russian national team before the london games. unfortunately and i'm especially sorry i contributed... wrongly used all my knowledge and experience against clean athletes in the whole world. that is why i'm sitting here and telling you about what happened. the russian government says you are lying. you were cheating. it wasn't them, it was you. russia is a country of lying and denying, especially in sport. i give you documentation, i honestly say i give you only truth. what i say it is truth. and to be clear, the sports minister at the time, he knew what was happening?
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he knew everything in details, and he reported to the president. is that your belief or do you know that he reported to vladimir putin? i know he reported to putin, he told me that. the russian president rejects that allegation along with his deputy prime minister who has since been banned for life from the olympics. both say that grigory rodchenkov cannot be trusted and was a lone wolf. it is impossible to do on my own, absolutely. you were under orders? i absolutely followed orders. why did russia go to such lengths to cheat at sport? why take such risks? in russia, sport is not sport. in the one hand it is a demonstration still from soviet times of your superiority, that we are the better, the most advanced, in any situation we defeat you, even if we have a poor situation in the economy or such problems.
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after a 17 month long investigation into his evidence, the 10c took the ultimate step and banned russia from the 2010 winter olympics. the report clearly lays out an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the olympic games and sport. as an athlete myself i'm feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes who are suffering from this manipulation. the scandal saw the rewriting of sport history books. russia topped the table at sochi, but after retesting of samples a host of athletes were stripped of their medals. 169 russian athletes were allowed to compete in pyeongchang, but only as neutrals. i did everything to prevent any cheaters participate in pyeongchang. we did investigation name by name. i do believe, and even i am sure, that the new generation participating in pyeongchang now, at least they are not such bad as the previous generation which was
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suspended from participation. but russian athletes have failed doping test in pyeongchang. despite this, in a bid to draw a line under the scandal, the ioc considered lifting their suspension and allowing the team to parade at the closing ceremony under the nationalflag. speaking to us ahead of that decision, grigory rodchenkov told me it would not be right. this is the most important moment in the history of international olympic committee and it should show how they are consistent in the fight against doping. you know that russia rejects any charges. they say that i am a liar. and if flag will be allowed to appear it will be the worst decision. olympics could die. you are saying if russia is allowed to parade as normal that is a huge insult,
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you think, to clean athletes around the world? absolutely. there is no responsible person in the world that would think that the most unprecedented attack on the integrity of sports should be met with anything other than the most unprecedented punishment. russia is being rewarded. this was a temporary suspension, not a ban, and in my view it was a prearranged deal. it is absolutely crucial moment that shows the necessity for deep and fundamental reforms. this is clear. the uncertainty problem is how much time it might take to start the reforms, and where are the resources? it requires some necessary things to be done, especially more money. this summer russia will host the fifa world cup. rodchenkov says footballers were also protected from being caught doping under direct government orders.
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it was an office in moscow, and he told me, no, we don't need any noise now in football. that means there must have been some russian cheating, some doping, in football if he is telling you that. yes, again, this is not doping that they were using steroids, but we didn't control for growth hormone. that's why blood was not taken for analysis so we could use growth hormone, we could use some other things which could not be detected. they have green light. they were protected. do you think there will be russian footballers at the world cup this summer who have cheated? they were living in an environment of cheating, cheating or not cheating, you are living in a very poor environment in terms of doping control, noncompliant atmosphere. of course most of them are from such countries where football players are totally untouchable. it wouldn't be a surprise?
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there is no surprise for me at all. football is a strange kind of activity. fifa says it is investigating his evidence relating to football with particular suspicion around 3a cases identified by the anti—doping agency. but he acknowledges that cheating in sport goes well beyond his homeland. how many countries other than russia have cheated in recent years or are still cheating? i told 20 plus. many countries where there are no democracies, still totalitarian regimes or not cleared very well from bad past things are still protecting their dope athletes. of course there are different layers of cheating. many different types of organisations are not interested
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to catch all in their countries. does british sport have a problem with cheating, do you think? honestly? yes. i have some several extremely suspicious cases in british sport. what do you want your legacy to be? i'm satisfied that i told the truth that is absolutely unbelievable, and even for such things i will be rendered for ever, i think. and of course it was an earthquake from many sports and ioc because it requires reform and change. he is the most important whistle— blower in the history of sport. not only has he disclosed the most pervasive and complicated doping scheme literally in the history of the olympics, but has exposed a critical weakness
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in our anti—doping authorities. and in the resolve of the ioc to deal with all countries with one standard ofjustice. i believe clean athletes everywhere will come to honour doctor rodchenkov for a decision that ultimately will protect generations of people, assuming that the forces for good can overthrow the forces for evil. i'm not bad. i regret, i repent, and i will continue my cooperation. not to finish, but to make a great step forward to be remembered in a good sense. good evening. if you were in the
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sunshine out of the wind, it felt pleasant, but as the colder air comes and the window becomes stronger it will feel quite raw in the days ahead and that is because we have had the wind pushing in from siberia, it will be widely frosty overnight, a hard frost, —6 in the suburbs, and a bit of cloud tomorrow morning but it should melt away. there will be more cloud in eastern parts of scotland and england, but in contrast less cloud for the western isles of scotland and northern ireland but it is not really helping the temperatures, if you factor in the wind it will feel bitter. it becomes more interesting tomorrow evening and overnight, the increasing threat of cloud and wintry flurries for eastern counties, another bitterly cold night across most of the country, and then the risk increases as we go through monday of snow showers. this is bbc world news.
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the headlines at 11: after days of wrangling, the un security council passes a resolution calling for a 30 day ceasefire across syria. remanded in custody, charged with causing the death by dangerous driving at two young brothers in coventry. —— and man and woman are in custody. the death of emma chambers, best known for playing alice in the vicar of dibley. she has died. scotland stun england in the six nations at murrayfield to lift the cup for the first time in a decade. and we will
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